Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blogger Postcards From Around The World

Who doesn't love receiving mail? Electronic mail, snail mail or any other kind of mail is usually a welcome and sometimes greatly anticipated event in our lives. The wonderfully creative Meeta designed a way for many of us who enjoy sending & receiving mail to experience an extra special event.

This event has been fun from the beginning. I have enjoyed looking at "the list" and reading the blogs of the participants, some of which were new to me.

Tried to think of something that would be representative of where I am & couldn't think of anything better than the Grand Canyon. It's majesty knows no bounds & it is a true wonder to behold. As soon as I finish this little post I'll be off to the post office to mail my card to someone wonderful & interesting who is far away.

Meanwhile, I will be anxiously checking my mailbox each & every day looking forward to receiving my special card.

Thank you to Meeta. We know this was a time consuming project for her & her efforts are much appreciated. If you didn't have an opportunity to participate this time, check back around September or October for another postcard exchange. Link to Meeta's page


Anonymous Ivonne said...

Great postcard!

01 August, 2006 09:38  
Anonymous Pamela said...

Beautiful postcard, isn't this exciting!

01 August, 2006 14:23  
Blogger Paz said...

Love your card! I've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon!


01 August, 2006 20:39  
Anonymous Tanna said...

The anticipation is wonderful.
I love the canyon, we hiked down several times. It's really an amazing place and beautiful.

02 August, 2006 02:20  
Blogger K & S said...


02 August, 2006 23:46  
Blogger Sally said...

What a beautiful card! I love this event and am looking forward to participating again in Sept.

03 August, 2006 06:20  
Blogger Meeta said...


Thanx for taking part in this one. I am glad that with this event I too was able to discover several new blogs, your included. Even though it WAS time consuming, it was still fun as I got to meet so many lovely new blog buddies!

06 August, 2006 12:37  
Anonymous joey said...

I got it! I got it! Thanks so much Fran! :) Awesome postcard!

14 August, 2006 23:35  
Anonymous Lera said...

Looks great! fran, been a while since i got to see your blog, Happy Halloween.:)

27 October, 2006 19:55  

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