Sunday, December 11, 2005


This is Tilly. She is the sweetest kitty on the planet. She has ruled our household for seven years now. She is a 6 pound Tortoiseshell Persian. Loves to get into small spaces as you can see. She gets anything she wants--but mostly what she wants is just to be with her people and be petted.


Blogger Fanny said...

She's so sweet. I wish she could be in my arms right now as she looks so soft.
You must participate to cats blogging. Go on Clare's blog Eat stuff to check out - she has a sweet cat called Kiri.

11 December, 2005 13:42  
Blogger Clare Eats said...

Hi Fran
So glad you decided to join in WCB.
Your Tilly looks very cute in the box!

11 December, 2005 14:59  
Blogger Laurie said...

Oh my goodness. She's such a wee thing. And absolutely beautiful! Those golden eyes are really, hmmm, can't come up with a word for them. Indescribable?

11 December, 2005 18:49  
Anonymous paz said...

What a cutie pie!


12 December, 2005 14:03  
Anonymous Lera said...

She looks cute,squeezing into that box!

13 December, 2005 03:56  

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