Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 4

Happy July 4th!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day in a relaxing way. Yesterday was my baking day--Pina Colada Cake baked in the convection oven. Living in the Valley of the Sun when it is 115 degrees, I really don't like using my oven. It heats the house--not to mention the electricity usage. I love my little convection oven.

We will celebrate the 4th quietly. We will feast on the fruits of summer--a compote of blueberries, strawberries & raspberries (maybe served over that cake from yesterday). Ribeye steak, baked potatoes, & corn on the cob on the weber. Some family members are working today so we will watch the fireworks produced at a nearby stadium but still close enough to be viewed from our patio. Makes me melancholy for summers past when we could actually have our own fireworks displays. We all had our own sparklers & "punks" & Dad's that were the masters of orchestrating marvelous roman candle displays--the summer sounds of cicadas, the smell of freshly mown green grass, home made lemonade, chiggers & mosquito bites. It was home & it was safe & delicious.

Even though our celebration will be low key, I will be busy. I am totally immersed in an online course--my first. Required class for teachers in the Copper State. My current "Block" is estimated to take 6 hours. I hope that is an accurate estimate. I'm learning--that is the good thing & proof that an "old dog" can learn new tricks.

Tomorrow I take the day off. Tomorrow is the day that my sister-in-law & I take off every summer & shop. We are Phoenicians & the heat doesn't stop us! We have planned our first stop for a year now. It will be Penzey's. I have read many comments on the wonders of this place & all it has to offer. I'm sure I won't know where to begin. I've read every single listing from their website & have narrowed my list down to an even dozen items. Penzey's is on the other side of the world from where we live. This makes this trip even more special, a sort of mini-vacation to Scottsdale.

If anyone has any suggestions of "must haves" from Penzey's please leave a comment.


Anonymous tattum said...

dear Fran! how good it sounds this trip your making with your sister! I hope you post some pictures of it when you get back.
I will be heading to France in a couple of weeks. I'm really excited!

09 July, 2007 05:09  
Blogger valentina said...

Have a lovely time in Penzey!!

19 August, 2007 12:01  

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