Monday, January 18, 2010


My own little local harvest. Picked not fifty feet from where I sit and not more than 5 minutes off the vine when they had their photo taken. The fruits of "old vine" tomatoes--planted last spring. Poor vines suffered through searing Arizona heat, monsoon winds and an onslaught of tomato worms. Never gave up or gave in--just kept up the organic food and plenty of water. Enough harvest for a tasty salad a day. After receiving only about 3 inches of rain in 2009, we are finally having rain today. What a relief. Made my trip to the compost bin a real treat. I waited until it rained to go out and deposit peelings and shredded paper from the office. What a wonderful feeling--real rain from the sky and not the faucet.


Blogger maría cecilia said...

Hola Fran, living in Arizone without enough rain must be very difficult for your garden and life in general, but you have done a great work having your own tomatoes. I also make my own compost and recently have started the worm thing, to make humus out of compost, I´m experimenting for the first time.
Nice meeting you,
Maria Cecilia

05 June, 2010 21:21  
Anonymous Chicken Marinade said...

I really love to see the fruits of your own labor. It really feels great to have a garden and be able to pick your own fruits and veggies that you have cared for! And organic, too! Very nice!

07 April, 2012 21:09  

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