Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gardening in the Desert

There are advantages to living in a desert. This is the payback for having weathered multiple 100 degree days & months with no rain. Stepping out into a tiny microclimate & retrieving citrus & salad for the day tends to make one grateful for where we are. Hope you are all blessed and grateful for what you have & where you are & will be in the coming year.


Blogger Mimi J. said...

Hi Fran,

Thanks for visiting today.

A microclimate that produces such beautiful things in January makes me very envious.

02 January, 2007 16:31  
Blogger Paz said...

Glad you're back posting! Lovely garden collection.


02 January, 2007 20:30  
Blogger K & S said...

Very lovely harvest. All the best to you!

03 January, 2007 04:20  
Blogger Enviroman said...

Hi Fran,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post How to add a List of Posts with the new (formerly beta) Blogger. I have responded to your comment.

Natural Remedies

11 January, 2007 22:59  
Blogger Fanny said...

Hi Fran,
happy new year!!!

It's great to see you back, i started to be a little worried.

I hope everything's ok.


14 January, 2007 16:19  

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