Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Chocolate Cake

Happy Valentine's Day! After reading many posts today, I had to think of a way to join with something that seemed to be in the spirit of the day. Since I haven't been doing any baking lately, I searched my photo file and found just the picture I wanted. A few months back I made a wonderful chocolate cake that was moist, delicious and a little different. I borrowed the recipe from Fanny at http://FOODBEAM.BLOGSPOT.COM. The recipe was in her September Archive. I struggled a bit with the conversions but we did enjoy the end result. The surprise ingredient was Guinness. The recipe makes quite a bit of glaze or sauce and I couldn't stand to waste it--so--I cored 2 MacIntosh Apples, stuffed them with pecans and poured the rich & buttery sauce over the apples. Baked them for about half an hour & they were yummy! Hope everyone enjoys whatever they cook, bake, or eat today.



Blogger ilva said...

I just saw what has happened to you, I'm so sorry! I hope that you are feeling better! The cakes looks very interesting, the Guiness bit is intriguing! Big hug!

15 February, 2006 02:14  
Blogger Typical INgredients said...

Hi Fran,

You finally back to cooking - I miss it for a long time..you're cake is so lovely btw Belated Happy Valentines Day!

Take care!


16 February, 2006 09:32  
Blogger Fanny said...

Hi Fran, i remember this picture. It brings me back months ago when you was still unsure about creating a blog or not.
And i think you made the good choice.
Thanx for supporting me from the beginning, i will nevr forget that...

20 February, 2006 04:50  

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