Thursday, February 16, 2006

Grilled Macaroni & Cheese Sandwich

So many cheese sandwiches, so little time to make them all. What a creative bunch of lovely Food Bloggers! There are lots of thoughts about this in my head, but I am not as expressive with this as so many of you are. I just come to you with my offering thinking that I am probably one of those true "cheese sandwich" bloggers.

My contribution is a Grilled Mac N' Cheese Sandwich. (Although technically this sandwich was not "grilled".) I am a public servant so I don't have the funds to purchase a much wanted panini grill. Considered using my George Foreman grill or my waffle iron, but I hate the cleanup on those. Instead, I selected my hand me down (from my dear Grandmother) Revere Ware skillet with a copper bottom. It is probably old enough to be considered an antique and I certainly wish I had all of the great food that has been cooked in it. Anyway, I digress.

I truly believe this version of the cheese sandwich is best made with cheap & soft white bread rather than a tasty artisan loaf. Cheap starchy mac gives the innards of this recipe the starch to stick up to becoming the integral part of a sandwich. The recipe could certainly be made with Dreamfields, spelt, or rice pasta but in this case it was straight starch all the way.

The recipe for the mac n' cheese is a truly wonderful recipe which my family loves and has enjoyed many times. As you will see, the recipe can be adapted to include the types of cheese you like the most. This recipe calls for 5 cheeses--sharp & mild cheddar, muenster, monterey jack & yes, velveeta. It is Patti LaBelle's Over The Rainbow Macaroni & Chesse Recipe (easily googled).

Now to the construction of the sandwich. It is quite simple. Place a chunk of the delicious mac n' cheese between 2 pieces of bread. Place at least 1 tablespoon of butter in the skillet. Brown one side and repeat with more butter for the flip side. This really does make a good sandwich and if you have a bit of leftover mac n' cheese, it is worth your time.

Thank you Kalyn & Brother for the fabulous Icons. Am looking forward to reading every single contribution on this topic.



Blogger Kalyn said...

I truly love it. This is one of the most creative sandwiches I've seen.

16 February, 2006 18:38  
Blogger ilva said...

ooo now I'm hungry and drooling and I who have to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner, how will I survive???

17 February, 2006 02:08  
Blogger Alanna said...

I remember meals in Finland where bread, rice and potatoes were on the table at the same time -- haven't thought of that in years til seeing a mac'n'cheese grilled cheese sandwich. A+ for memory lane!

17 February, 2006 07:10  
Blogger cookiecrumb said...

This is the funniest cheese sandwich of all! I love it.
BTW, I use a really small George Forman grill for sandwiches (it only handles one at a time), and it's not hard at all to clean up. But! Here's another technique: Heat two skillets, the one you place your sandwich in, and another to press the sandwich with once it's hot.

17 February, 2006 13:16  
Blogger MonkeyBites said...

All that starchy goodness sounds much yummier when you've sworn off bread for a while. [sigh] Hows about I live vicariously through you. That's a plan.

17 February, 2006 13:54  
Blogger Lex said...

Oh man, this sandwich looks positively amazing.

20 February, 2006 21:14  
Blogger Melissa said...

The close-up of the photo is REAL food-porn. I'm going to 'google' Patti's recipe right now!

26 February, 2006 00:00  
Anonymous Tania said...

This sammie looks sooooo wrong, but also sooooo good! Wow!

05 March, 2006 21:55  

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